Lt. Mr. Ramesh Gupta

Founding Member

A credible soul, Mr. Ramesh Gupta dared to dream of setting up a business empire at the age of 24. He was amongst the first few in Nepal to have established a trading business during the 1980s that used banking channels to import several products into the country.

In the early 2000s, he ventured to set up Nepal’s largest edible oil refinery with world-class facilities to boost exports. He had foreseen the winds of change during 2010 and along with few partners, he staked the future in Cement Manufacturing by launching one of the first and largest integrated Cement Manufacturing units in the country. Fueled with optimism and his bold avatar, later in 2015 he went on to lead and collaborate for one of the largest FDI of $300 million in Nepal for a 6000 TPD Cement plant. He led Nepal’s largest listed Life Insurance Company as the Chairman of Board for 3 years wherein the company went on to attain 3rd largest Market Capitalization and grew profits multiple folds under his stewardship.

Interestingly, for Mr. Ramesh Gupta, diversification meant exploring new avenues and opportunities, more than just reach. He was an explorer who enjoyed and believed venturing into unrelated and unchartered businesses.

He was appointed by the Government of Nepal to serve on many Committees including the Revenue Committee and Value Added Tax Committee. From 2014 to 2017, Mr. Ramesh Gupta was the President of Nepal Foreign Trade Association (NFTA) and National Council Member of Apex Industry Body Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI)

At the time of his untimely demise in 2018, his companies earned the respect and admiration of the people, as one of Nepal’s finest business houses. Through this outstanding record of shared wealth creation, he helped create enormous love and respect among his peers in the society.


Mr. Anand Mal Baid

Non Executive Chairman


Mr. Sushil Gupta

Executive Director

Mr. Sushil Gupta, with leadership experience of over 14 years has diversified the corporation business into Hydropower and Mineral Exploration. After his Undergrad from Georgia College & state university, USA, in 2006 he started off with joining groups- construction tools and electronics division.

Eventually the rich natural beauty of Nepal took over his entrepreneurial journey to the mountains and he started working on his first renewable energy project -36 MW Balephi Hydropower project -due to be commissioned by June 2021. Nepal has over 6000 rivers with high potential of renewable energy generation and he is leading his team of “Mizu Construction Pvt. ltd.”  to build, own and operate 500MW+ projects within the next two decades.

Since Nepal lies in the center of the 2,500 km Himalayan belt, it has a favorable geography for various minerals (metallic, non-metallic, and fuel). As many as 63 minerals have been identified in Nepal. Mr. Gupta has been working with a team of Geologists for exploration and evaluation of mineral resources throughout the country. Under his leadership Dolsin Minerals Pvt. Ltd. Owns 14 Mining Licenses and are working on various minerals to ascertain their financial viability, naming – Galena, Dolomite, Limestone, semi-precious stones and copper.

Mr. Gupta is also a promoter of various publicly listed companies in Nepal- NIC Asia Bank, Mahalaxmi Vikash Bank, Nepal Infrastructure Bank, Nepal Life Insurance Company, Asian Life Insurance, Prudential Insurance, and Shivam Cement.

While practicing highest ethical standards and business practices, he envisions the corporation to be a leader in the Hydropower and Mining industry of Nepal. He also aspires to build recognition of its contribution to local communities and the country at large by sustainable development of the natural resources of Nepal.


Mr. Rohit Gupta

Managing Director

Mr. Rohit Gupta has pursued Msc. Finance and Management from University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. He joined his family business in 2007 and initiated the group’s journey into Technology and Mobile Phone space. He has created and led these ventures into growth drivers and industry leading business over the last decade.

He is a Board Member and Director of Shivam Cement Limited, one of the largest integrated Cement Plant in Nepal. He is also the promoter and shareholder of various BFI’s including Asian Life Insurance, Mahalaxmi Development Bank, Nepal Infrastructure Bank and Prudential Insurance.

Mr. Rohit Gupta took over as Vice Chairman of the Group in 2018, at the age of 32, after the untimely demise of his father. As Vice Chairman, he has taken up Strategic Role, to restructure and grow the businesses to emerge as an industry leader in the sectors in which the Group operates

Mr. Rohit Gupta is the architect and owner of Kathmandu Kings XI, which is a leading T20 Everest Premier League (EPL) Franchise Team.  He is also the Chairperson of Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust, where under the guidance of his mother leads the Group CSR initiative.

He is also the National Council Member of CNI (Confederation of Nepalese Industries)-a leading industry trade lobby organization and has led and relaunched its Youth Entrepreneurship Wing CNIYEF (Confederation of Nepalese Industries Young Entrepreneurship Forum) from June 2018-2020

Under his stewardship, Mr. Rohit Gupta aspires to build a meritocratic organization for the Group to be a leader in all the major sectors in which it operates.


Mr. Saroj Mishra

Vice President