Bare Copper rod is main raw material for cable manufacturers, and the primary raw material for the manufacturing of the a wide range of electrical cables with applications including power transmission, data and signal cables, control and instrumentation cables and general wiring for the buildings. Copper rod is also used for applications such as the production of transformers, motors and lightning conductors. Lumbini Vidyut Udyog P. Ltd. import high quality copper rod which exceeds all recognized international standards. The copper rod is produced from a continuous casting and hot rolling process using Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper and is in compliance with ASTM B 49:10.

Electrolytic tough-pitch Copper Wire Rod (Standard Quality)

Standards ASTM B 49:10
Diameter 8 mm to 16 mm
Size 8 mm, 12.5 mm & 16mm
Packaging in Coils Wooden Pallet 1500 * 1500 mm and HDPE cover
Internal Diameter 950 mm
Outer Diameter 1500 mm
Coil Weight Standard 3MT ,UP TO 5MTas per customer requirement (standard coil weight 1, 2.2, 3 & 4 Mt)